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  • Ready to make billions of ISK while you are away from your PC?
  • Tired to waste so many hours, sitting in front of your computer doing the same boring  job of mining asteroids, day by day?

       Then, you are in the right place and the answer is ISK-MINER EVE Mining Bot !
updated and fully compatible with latest game patches
ISK MINER is an EVE Mining Bot, extremely easy-to-use, being the most powerful mining tool for all players who want to enhance their gaming experience, a professionally designed and programmed EVE Bot.

ISK MINER EVE Bot was created from the beginning to reduce unnecessary fatigue and to automate the mining process for you, this EVE Bot rake billions of ISK for you, improving your quality of game in EVE universe.

Now you can focus more on real life factors, because the EVE Bot ISK MINER is also a time provider, mining will be on autopilot and will save the time it takes to do that manually, thereby offering you what you treasure the most, time to relax and play.

Using the EVE Mining Bot ISK MINER you can make between 100mil and 200mil per day, mining in high security and mid security space, having a good ship and good mining skills.
You can double, triple and even quadruplicate this amount using ISK MINER Dual or Premium versions that allows you to mine with two, three and even four accounts on the same computer.

Undetectable EVE Mining Bot, accurate and fully customizable, ISK MINER support any type of ships fitted with any number and any type of mining lasers, and also can mine any type of asteroids including ICE.
Allows the use of Mining Drones to increase your yield or Combat Drones to protect your ship against pirates NPC.
EVE Bot ISK MINER can also defend your ship by activating the defensive modules of your choice located in medium or low slots.

For those who want to take advantage and to explore the rich systems without Stations, ISK MINER offers the best EVE Mining Bot feature "Gate Mining".
You can also use this option to perform mining operations any systems, at any number of jumps away and unload the ore to desired Station.

ISK MINER offers the opportunity to unload the ore into a Station Hangar or to Jettison the ore in belt, for later pick up from the floating containers.
Hauler / Trader available under option Station to Station Hauler, if you need to pick up or to deliver goods to stations located in other solar systems, and also for option Belt to Station Hauler, if you want to pick up the  amount of ore collected by your miners in asteroid belts and to deliver it to a station.

ISK MINER - 100% Satisfaction - 100% Safe and Secure
EVE Bot ISK MINER does not require monthly subscription unlike other EVE Mining Bots. This is one time payment and offer for free all future updates.
ISK MINER Premium version is one of  the best EVE Mining Bots designed to support flawlessly up to four accounts on the same computer at the same time.
Using this amazing EVE Bot Mining Macro your worries about ISK are over. Now you can afford all desired ships, weapons, shields, implants or even PLEX for your monthly subscription.

     Extra  security Features added in Premium version !

  • Monitor local Hostiles   (stay safe if hostiles like war members, suicide and pirates players, appear in your mining system)
  • Avoid Belts populated by Players  (players will never see your ship in belts, avoid to be reported by zealos EvE players)
  • Avoid belts with NPC pirates (NPC's are a pain in low security, without high defensive skills and drones your ship = easy target)
  • Custom Delays in Station  ( better mimic of human activity,  since all humans need breaks to rest, to eat, etc ...)


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EVE ISK making machine

ISK MINER is a "definite must have" mining tool, for all players, no matter if you are a beginner or experienced player, after all, EVE ISK is what you are looking for.
  • Make unlimited ISK
  • Become a Leader in EVE Universe
  • Destroy your enemies and amaze your mates
ISK Miner EVE Bot
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